Names Of The Plants That Are The Best Companion Crops For Growing Potato Plants

Some of the crops require help from some other crops to cultivate and offer the best yield. Such crops are known as vulnerable crops, and growing them with the other crops is known as companion planting. This procedure is followed to safeguard the vulnerable crops from external influences such as pests, insects, and so on. 

Potato is one of the many options that are used as a companion crop during cultivation. You can get complete information on the life cycle and also the potato origins by visiting the official webpage of Potatoes USA. Visit their webpage to get complete information on how to grow potatoes with the help of the right companion crop. 

Companion Plants for Potatoes 

Here are some of the plants that are considered companion crops for growing potatoes. 

  • Young potato plants are more prone to attack by pests. Hence, you should choose such plants that can not only shield potato plants from possible pest attacks but can also offer support to the sprouting spuds. 
  • The right kind of vulnerable crops to grow with potato plants should be the ones that can improve the nutrition in the soil. 
  • The other work of the companion plant that you choose for growing along the potato plants is to entice the pollinators such as butterflies and bees towards the potato plants. 

Other qualities that you should look for while choosing a companion plant to potato should be that the companion plants should offer enough shade for the growth of the potato plants. The roots of the companion plants should not break the soil where the potato plants have grown and should enrich the soil with the required nutrients. 

Some Crops to Grow with Potatoes 

Here are some of the crops and vegetables that are ideal to become the companion plants for potatoes. 

  1. Cabbage 
  2. Cauliflower 
  3. Broccoli 
  4. Kale 

These plants are ideal companion plants for potatoes because they have a shallow root system and will not take away the nutrients from the soil. 

  1. Beans 
  2. Legumes 

These plants are known for adding nitrogen to the soil where they are grown. The presence of nitrogen in the soil is an added advantage for the healthy growth of potato plants. 

  1. Corn 

This is an ideal companion crop for potatoes because you can make use of the space that is available in the potato patch to the fullest. this crop has a shallow root system and it will not take away the required nutrients from the soil. 

  1. Onions 
  2. Garlic 

These are ideal companions for the potato plant because they keep pests, insects, and other such intruders to the boundary at bay. 

The beauty of finding the right companion for the potato plants is that these companion crops will attract pollinators and also the beneficial insects to the plants. With the availability of nutrient-rich soil and the proper protection from the companion crops, you can expect a wonderful yield from your potato plants during the time of harvesting. 

The other benefit of choosing the right companion plant for potato plants is that they will serve as your marker for the places where you have cultivated potato plants. Choose the right crop and get the best yield. 



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